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A NaNo update of NaNo-ness!
(For the record, this is my NaNo synopsis: Denied a dollhouse by her parents, a young girl is given a deck of tarot cards by her aunt instead, and is told that they will help her play out stories that a dollhouse never could. These are those stories, one for every card, and this is how she became the puppetmaster or the puppeted or something in between.)

A week into NaNo, and I am already grossly behind on my wordcount (hooray, being slapped with the flu on 1st November!), but this is miraculously still okay! o/


a. I did not get my nickname Pants from any sort of desire to wear pants, let me tell you (ie I am an incurable pantser...also an incurable hippie, but that is neither here nor there), and
b. I come bearing a list!

What is this list, you ask?

Shite Jacey Has Already Learned from NaNo '11!


See, the thing about aforementioned Main Muse is that he's just a step down from being immortal, has been around for at least several hundred years, and so dropped his own real name a very long time ago in favour of pile upon pile of aliases. As such, even I had absolutely no idea what said real name even was.


His name, for the record, is Kye. :) Pronounced Kai, and meaning "keeper of the keys; earth; narrow, straight", which makes a little too much sense for him even though he is painfully an air sign. (And I realise this will probably mean nothing to any of you right now, but I am announcing it here anyway quite frankly just because I am excited that I finally can. ;P Also so that the bastard cannot renege on me later and be all HAHA J/K J/K~* as he is wont to do.)

To put into perspective just how bleeding happy I am over this discovery, this is an accomplishment pretty much on par with actually winning NaNo for me LMFAO. ;A;

2. Apparently, Kye hopped the pond to hang out in America during the 1920s, so he could run a speakeasy. I am not at all surprised, especially when one considers the fact that he decided to make his intial grand appearance as a drug dealer. (Incidentally, said drug dealer persona was supposed to be a nameless extra appearing only for a single paragraph or so. Bitch then somehow managed to not only make himself the bleeding main character, but to COMPLETELY RESTRUCTURE THE ENTIRE STORY AROUND HIMSELF. This all still amuses me probably more than it really ought.)

3. The one thing I want to do most with my writing, my brain may actually be capable of!

If you ask me to list out my writing role models, after the obvious answer of Holly Lisle, I am going to give you Stephen King, CLAMP, and Gackt*, and then you are going to look at me like I am insane. (Go on, it's okay; I'll even give you a minute to get it out of your system.)

I promise, though, that this actually makes a strange sort of sense. What I admire, in bodies of work, is an ability to intertwine them all together and allow them to feed off of one another. If you're familiar with Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, or CLAMP's Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, then you'll see exactly what I mean. (And yes, Gackt tells stories this way, too, albeit in a really interesting multimedia format moreso than writing proper.)

This is what I want to do myself, ultimately...and I think this is actually the first time I have ever been brave enough to say so out loud, ahah. I can write until my fucking fingers fall off and even be successful with it, but if I can't step back from my work and suddenly see all the little snippets become mosaic pieces in a much larger picture, I am going to be absolutely, impossibly, crippingly disappointed in myself.

And, until now, I was admittedly terrified that I wouldn't be at all able to pull something like that off.

But then there was NaNo and my brain apparently decided that this was an absolutely fine time to prove me wrong. :3

The very first proper story, The Magician, is completely a separate entity from my main writing project, but Kye still took the opportunity to sneak into and star in it too anyway. (This is how I learned that he ran a speakeasy, haha.)

The High Priestess started out as a simple one-off story about a PI/spy-esque man who visits a very mysterious woman who serves as his source. It then suddenly spiralled into some sprawling fantasy noir-esque thing, which apparently only starts with the High Priestess, but then stretches into the Devil and either Justice or Judgement as well. I have no idea where in hell this particular tale thinks it's going, but it is clearly going somewhere and I am quite excited to be along for the ride; I'm enjoying this one immensely.

On top of that, I can tell that the Sun is probably going to focus on one of my other characters from an unrelated verse, too. (Either Kye's younger brother or my insane little drag queen who also won't stop shoving his way into things. Sigh.)

So, while it is nowhere as near as comprehensive as it will need to be, my brain is at least stepping up and showing me an aptitude for this sort of thing, of its own accord. (That was the part I was worried about: This had to be of my brain's own accord, something more organic than structured. I could have plotted things out so they all intertwine...but when I plot, my brain laughs at me. I am very much of King's 'archaeology' school of writing; ie, I shut myself up and just do my best to stay out of the story's way. I am here only to help uncover, not create according to my own whims.)

And I am very, very relieved. ♥ And somewhat less terrified now, I have to say!

All in all, things are good. :) I'll beat my wordcount into submission too soon enough, haha. ♥

* And yes, Moon Child is in fact one of my favourite films, and has been for, what, about ten years now? Shut up.
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