you were somewhere in my fever
07 November 2011 @ 09:10 pm
So I suppose this is how the world will end in 2012...  
In my last entry, obviously, I talked about my admiration for both Gackt and CLAMP.

Then I discovered this.

And there are not enough ways in the world to say "my vagina just imploded" oh my god.

There are also not enough ways in the worlds to say "MFEO" because holy fucking shit LMFAO. I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST ONLY A MATTER OF TIME EXCEPT I WAS NEVER ACTUALLY CONVINCED THAT GACKT WASN'T SECRETLY PART OF CLAMP ALREADY... Come on, just look at Moon Child. It might as well be the Infinity arc of Tsubasa, just with less clones and more drugs. Or else Sho is just Kurofai's brain-addled buttbaby or something, good lord.

And did I mention that my vagina was imploding because um yes.

This is entirely too exciting on too many levels. There's the obvious of "holy crap a bunch of my favourite people ever are getting together to make doubly awesome shit!" and all the resulting squee that that provides. But I think I'm even more excited on a creative level -- they really are perfect for each other, the lot of them, and I can't think of anyone else whose works would synch so well.

And I am so ridiculously happy for them and so insanely excited to see where this goes. ♥
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you were somewhere in my fever
07 November 2011 @ 04:16 pm
A NaNo update of NaNo-ness!  
(For the record, this is my NaNo synopsis: Denied a dollhouse by her parents, a young girl is given a deck of tarot cards by her aunt instead, and is told that they will help her play out stories that a dollhouse never could. These are those stories, one for every card, and this is how she became the puppetmaster or the puppeted or something in between.)

A week into NaNo, and I am already grossly behind on my wordcount (hooray, being slapped with the flu on 1st November!), but this is miraculously still okay! o/


a. I did not get my nickname Pants from any sort of desire to wear pants, let me tell you (ie I am an incurable pantser...also an incurable hippie, but that is neither here nor there), and
b. I come bearing a list!

What is this list, you ask?

Shite Jacey Has Already Learned from NaNo '11!

insert happyface here )