you were somewhere in my fever
07 November 2011 @ 01:13 pm
bio ♔ are you feeling fine? stop trying to resist; move on to tomorrow. ♥  
For all that I created this journal on the fifth of November, the theme here is going to be less remembering, and more looking forward. ♥ (Not necessarily forgetting, no -- I want to hang on to the things that made me laugh, that still make me laugh when my mind wanders back -- but neither do I really want to needlessly dwell.)

The name's Jacey, but feel free to call me pretty much anything that strikes your fancy. (Current crowd favourites seem to include Fairy, Elf, and Jingles, and all of these are apt.)
Long story short, I'm basically a boho bookslut (or the hippie librarian sort, whichever you prefer). I believe that kpop helped to change my life, that Good Omens may as well be my bible, that CLAMP may or may not be stalking me (given that I am essentially the lovechild of Fai D. Flourite and Kunogi Himawari, complete with the flailing and the handclapping and the hair), that the smell of old books may just be one of the sexiest things on the entire planet, that Jung embodies how I see the world, that I would literally die without caffeine, and that animals are far more fun to hug than eat.

In real life, I work in a giant bookstore and get paid to play with toys. Literally. (This isn't actually quite as awesome as it sounds; half of my time is spent slapping ineffectively at them in a vain attempt to get them all to stop making bloody noise.) I write. I write a lot, and have ever since I was two. Also literally. Long-term goals include migrating to England, self-publishing books (and segue this into eventually running my own independent publishing company), being a professional astrologer, and finally being able to sit on my hair. (Almost!)

In the meantime, I am generally just sat upon by my three cats. ♥
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