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2011-11-07 04:16 pm

A NaNo update of NaNo-ness!

(For the record, this is my NaNo synopsis: Denied a dollhouse by her parents, a young girl is given a deck of tarot cards by her aunt instead, and is told that they will help her play out stories that a dollhouse never could. These are those stories, one for every card, and this is how she became the puppetmaster or the puppeted or something in between.)

A week into NaNo, and I am already grossly behind on my wordcount (hooray, being slapped with the flu on 1st November!), but this is miraculously still okay! o/


a. I did not get my nickname Pants from any sort of desire to wear pants, let me tell you (ie I am an incurable pantser...also an incurable hippie, but that is neither here nor there), and
b. I come bearing a list!

What is this list, you ask?

Shite Jacey Has Already Learned from NaNo '11!

insert happyface here )